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About the Ragdoll

Ragdolls are big domestic cats. They originate from California, USA and their origins can be traced back to a lady called Ann Baker.

Ragdolls are indoor cats only. They may only be let out doors in a 'cat safe' garden or a large enclosed run.

When introduced to the Ragdoll for the first time, you will be overwhelmed at just how beautiful they are. But the big difference with this breed is that, although the kittens are pretty, soft and fluffy, the adults are STUNNING. They are one of the few breeds that actually get better with age. How a kitten looks when first seen, bears no resemblance to how it will look when taken home at 13 weeks. He (or she) will look different again at 1 year old and that same kitten will look even more beautiful at 2 years old, eventually developing and maturing into a magnificent 4 year old adult.

Ragdolls are known for their wonderful temperament and laid back personality.

Ragdoll cats are social, happily spend time in the house of the owner and rarely wander out on their own. They love being with the owner, they love attention and enjoy the company of people.

Ragdolls love to be either on your knee or lying beside you. They also love 'your bed'.

Ragdolls come in three coat patterns:

Bi-Colour. White inverted V on their face.

Mitted. White chin and white mittens on their front paws.

Colourpoint. Their face, paws, ears and tails ('points') are one colour and their body is of a lighter contrast.

Ragdolls are available in the following colours: Seal, Blue, Red series (which includes Cream, Chocolate and Lilac). Here at Karamearags, the current breeding programme will be the Blue and Seal colouration.

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