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Grand Champion Karamearags Made of Memories aka Presley. D.O.B

31/10/2019. Rag A 04.

He is the Son of Gr Ch Valkea Beau of Karamearags, therefore, he carries the lovely old lines.

His mommy is Karamearags Sonny's Legacy.

Presley is a very gentle soul, who looks like his daddy. We are extremely lucky to have been able to keep this baby, our first and last home bred active boy. Thank you to the lady who made all this possible for us. Presley is the only active boy from his mommies line. We are so lucky to be given this opportunity, he is a very loved addition to our family. His name was chosen as this is Ayvah's last litter, there have been some very special cats going back through the lines, of which people hold incredible memories.

Presley entered his first adult show, post covid restrictions in September 2021, our darling boy was awarded hsi first CC, he has now been made up to Grand Champion and obtained his title at our club show, The british Ragdoll Cat Club. He was also awarded Best Mitted adult and Best adult in show. We are so very proud of our boy, he is so gentle and loves his show days. 


D.O.B 25/09/2017

Dante is a Seal Bi Colour Ragdoll.

He is fully traditional and traceable, being only 11 generations from foundation, with a wonderful pedigree.

Dante will be strictly CLOSED Stud.

Dante has travelled all the way from Italy to join our family. Thank you to the very special lady involved and his wonderful Breeder.

He is a very bold young man, with an amazing temperament.

As stated above, 

We are very excited to welcome him and look forward to his future babies.

Grand Champion Valkea Beau of Karamearags.

D.O.B 17/04/2014.

Beau is CLOSED stud. 

Beau was awarded his third Grand Challenge Certificate on the 12th November 2016. He is now Grand Champion

Beau is a beautiful blue mitted boy and came all the way from Cornwall, to join our family. He has the sweetest temperament and nature, he constantly purrs and paddles his little heart out. He is from typical old lineage Ragdolls and has a wonderful pedigree. His Daddy is the late Catricat Blue Diablo and his Mommy is Champion Valkea Aurora's Blue Angel. We are very very lucky to be able to own him. Thank you to Jean and Emmaline at Valkea Ragdolls for entrusting us with him and for giving us this opportunity, he has a special place in our hearts. Thank you to our very special friend Dawn Davies for making this possible.

Beau's Show Success

Beau attended the Coventry and Leicester and Herts & Middlesex show on the 27th February 2016. He was awarded Reserve Grand in both Shows. More importantly he really enjoyed his day. 

Beau Attended the Gwynnedd and Shropshire show on the 6th February. He did not get placed in his grand class, however, he was awarded Best of Breed out of 13 cats. Thank you Mrs Dutton. Proud is an understatement.

Beau attended the Humberside and Lincoln Show on Saturday 27th July

He was awarded Grand Challenge certificates in both shows and Best of Breed in the Humberside. He was also awarded 3rd in a side class out of 9 cats. Congratulations to our gentle giant.

Beau attended the Bristol & Cambria Show on Saturday 6th June 2015. He was awarded his 3rd Challenge Certificate, this means he has gained 'Champion' title. He was also awarded Best of Breed out of nine beautia​ful cats.

Beau attended a show on the 25th April 2015. He came second out of 7 and second out of 6 in his open class.

Beau Attended his first adult show on the 7th February 2015, he was awarded two Challenge Certificates. 

Some of Beau's reports

AC COLOURPOINTED or MITTED RAGDOLL MALE. VALKEA BEAU OF KARAMEARAGS. RAG. a 04. 66aw. M. 17.4.14. A very handsome Blue Mitted boy showing good development for his young age of just over 9 months; also showing good Ragdoll type. Good broad head with flat plane; his rounded- topped ears, which are well furnished, tip forward; cheeks developing well to a rounded muzzle; good firm chin; his level bite is a little untidy; medium length nose with gentle dip; his large obliquely-set eyes are of deep blue. Good weight and size to his long body; very well boned medium length legs; firm tufted paws; balanced bushy tail tapering at the tip. A well presented medium length silky coat; a good ruff; knickerbockers well displayed; coat colour on his body is bluish-white; his chin, bib, and chest are white, as is his abdomen; his two front paws have white matching mittens; his back legs are also white to the level of his underbody; his mask is a very pleasing shade of blue which covers his full face and whiskerpads; his legs and tail are all of the same shade of blue. A friendly lad who was easy to handle and who was shown in good condition.

AC Colourpointed or Mitted Ragdoll Adult, Male; S VALKEA BEAU OF KARAMEARAGS. RAG a 04. 17-04-14. Blue Mitted, Beautifully developed youngster not yet, 10 months & he was so well grown. He has excellent head type, width across his cheeks, good JOHN H HANSSON

Shropshire Cat Club. Saturday 7th February 2015

Good muzzle, quite a good flat plane to his brow, gentle dip to the nose which has a slight retroussé tip, his chin was good & the bite level. His ears are medium size, set well apart & a slight hint of tilt, Quite large well open eyes which were slightly oblique, the blue colour I would prefer a little deeper ideally. Wonderfully grown & developed body, which was muscular & weighty, good depth of chest, strong legs, round paws, tufted between the toes, his tail was bushy possibly could be a little longer. Coat beautifully prepared, excellent length & density, soft fine texture, already with a good degree of ruff & full knickerbockers. Clear cool glacial body his points have still to deepen & complete, particularly evident on the tail where it is very pale, he has white chin difficult to assess where it extends as he was so pale, his left mitten not quite to the angle of the leg/paw, white on his back legs to the line of his body. He was in absolutely splendid condition & was has a wonderful personality, shows a great deal of potential.

AC COLOURPOINTED OR MITTED RAGDOLL ADULT, MALE CH VALKEA BEAU OF KARAMEARAGS (RAG a 04) M 17/04/14 Blue Mitted Ragdoll. I awarded him the Grand at The Lincolnshire today. This fifteen month old male was very well grown indeed, he is really heavy and muscular with a lovely long body and substantial boning to medium length limbs. Large round tufted paws. His tail balanced the body well, reaching the shoulders and it was quite well furnished with a bushy texture, tapering slightly towards the tip. Strong broad masculine head with a good flat plane between the medium sized ears. Large eyes, set in a good slight oblique and mid blue in colour. Medium length nose with a gentle dip present. Well developed cheeks, good definition to the rounded muzzle. Chin of nice depth and quite firm. Currently in summer coat with some older coat present and consequently the coat is slightly shaded in places. Quite full knickerbockers and some ruff present. I made allowance for his seasonal coat because of the time of year. The coat shows good contrast between the bluish-white body and the mid toned bluish grey points. Well marked mitted pattern with neat white mittens to front feet and white to hock level on the back limbs. He has white along the entire length of the underbody and to the chin with just the tiniest hint of a white dot on the forehead. Super to handle and well presented with snow white areas. He won the class today on his overall development for age. 

Photos Courtesy of Louise Marie Stevenson ©

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