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Kitten agreement.

We ask all new kitten parents to sign our kitten agreement.

The agreement is in place to ensure the well being and future of our babies.

It contains points such as: Your new kitten is an indoor cat only. Outdoor enclosures can be discussed.

Kittens must NEVER be allowed to free roam. It is a serious breach of our contract, to let your kitten/cat out. A secure garden or catio is fine. 

Kittens must NEVER be locked away in a room on their own. All of our babies are raised with devotion and love. They are extremely well socialised and have free run of the house. They have been raised with their litter mates and big fur family and are never caged or locked away on their own. To then go to a new home and be locked away from their new family WILL cause severe stress. If your intention is to lock your baby away and restrict where they will be able to go in your home, ie only one or two rooms, please do not contact us for a kitten.

Your kitten must be fed a suitable diet and any veterinary care he or she may ever need will be sort.

If you are unable to keep your kitten/cat for any reason, they must come back to us and we will find them a suitable home. Your kitten/cat is not to be gifted or handed over to any cat rescues, welfare centers etc.

Your kitten/cat is also not to be given to family or friends, without prior permission from us, if you are no longer able to keep them.

We realize circumstances can change and that life can be unpredictable, especially in the current climate. We will do our utmost to help you should you find yourself in a situation, where you are no longer able to keep your baby.

We deliver all of our kittens, regardless of distance. However,

if we feel upon arrival that it is an unsuitable environment for a kitten,(ie, it is obvious they will be let out, or there are multiple animals in the home that we have not been made aware of) or, the kitten is at risk we reserve the right to immediately terminate the contract. Deposits will be returned minus any costs.

All kittens are neutered

We do not sell kittens as gifts. Kittens are a huge responsibility, and will be so for possibly the next 15 years. The decision to take a cat into your home, should be a family decision and not that of one person.We also do not re-home kittens over Christmas.

Copies of the full agreement are available upon request.

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