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7th January 2021

Hi Everyone, blimey lockdown again. Hope you are all okay.

Everyone just needs to behave now, i know you all miss everyone and seeing families etc, we miss having visitors too. However, i would sooner have distant visitors than dead ones!, yes its that simple. Christmas may have been tough, however, woudl you rather wait and maybe have a good Christmas with grandma next year, rather than have no grandma at all!

Oooo it makes me cross, its okay, lets all pile to number 40 and see how many people we can fit in the house, few drinks etc. Erm nope nope nope. You do realise that i am a cat and even i know the rules!

Any way, mommy is still working from home, ten months now and she has only been out of her pyjamas on 6 occasions. That has to be a record.

We have babies too, Emmie had 4 beauties in October. They have their second vaccines this week.

Christmas was lovely, we were spoilt as usual, we even got some Turkey this year!

We also have a new addition, Willow, a traditional bi colour girl. She is adorable and will be the last breeding girl,

Any way. Happy new year all.

Love Esme xx

3rd May 2020

Day 41 of lockdown and boredom is setting in the big brother house, oops sorry wrong programme!

Hi everyone, how are you all.

I do hope your doing as your told.

Its going to be fun in here, they are decorating, I have my hard hat ready for the flying paint brushes and wallpaper!

I heard the word glitter and sparkly, its going to look like a wags palace!! Yeah good luck with that when there is babies running round!

Front garden looks like Blackpool illuminations, there are so many lights and flowers I think they are recreating the Chelsea flower show!! That's what boredom does to you!

Work is starting on the garden too, I heard water fountain mentioned, oh I do like a good splash about in the water, will get my bikini and shower cap ready, better tell the humans to get my sun lounger and parasol ready too and fresh tuna on the BBQ!

I have been here 8 years now, what an incredible spoilt life I have had. I could not be more loved or cherished, I am a very lucky lady that I was born and raised with my incredible nana and then found a home like this.

Anyway everyone, that's all from me. Please, please, stay in, stay safe and protect our incredible NHS

Lots of love Esme xxx

8th April 2020

Hi all.

Well I told you didn't I? No one listened, yeah yeah, I am just a cat. However, I said, don't mingle, don't go on jolly's, no one listened and Boris locked us down!

Sorry, but why would you want to climb Snowdon anyway, seriously, are you mad!

Mommy is working from home now, I think she has turned into a pyjama person as that's all she wears and you should see the state of her hair, I think she has forgotten she has straighteners!

She is very good at grooming us, maybe I need to tell her she needs to turn the attention to herself!

We are out in the catio now, its amazing. A lovely lady bought us a ball pool attached to a tunnel, attached to a tent, its fabulous. I of course have my luxury carpeted shelf to sunbathe on!

Presley and Summer are growing beautifully. Presley is just like his daddy, handsome boy. Mommy said Summer is like the Duracell bunny on special tablets!

Of course they cannot be shown at the moment as all the shows are cancelled, only bonus to that is, mommy cannot buy more drapes!

Please also remember, you cannot visit or collect kittens at the moment, its NOT essential! Lots of people have been asking for babies at the moment as children are bored on lockdown, really?

Anyway, I have had my moan now. STAY SAFE everyone and really, if your thinking of climbing Snowdon, you need to see someone like a doctor!!

Purries and pringles

Darling Esme xxx

24th March 2020

Hi all, gosh where does the time go.

Well as you are probably aware, the UK is in crisis because of the corona virus. I hope you are all not being idiots and sticking to the rules, NO queuing for ice cream, NO mingling with 4000 other people. Seriously people, being idiots means you could die, now I am a cat and even I know that!!! Don't be stupid. Staying indoors will save your life and toilet rolls really? you do not need 200, if we cannot get loo roll, when I guts my dinner and throw it all back from a great height, what are the slaves supposed to use to get it up, really, that will be a crisis, because if you have never experienced it, warm cat sick on your hands is not pleasant at all, nooooo way!

Well my baby girl has won runner up ragdoll and top female again for the second year running. I am so proud. And Harold (Harry) has also done well being best cream (ginger ha ha ) kitten as well as others.

Well we have Summer, (ayvahs daughter) who is the Duracell bunny on special drugs and Presley in the house. Presley will hopefully take over Beau's duties once he is bigger and older. Ayvah is now being spayed and no its not the shovel at the back of the head.

We are hoping for warmer weather now, so we can start going back in the catio.

That's it from me, however, listen and stay safe, some of you people still joining crowds. Do not be an idiot all your life, please have a day off!!!

Lots of love Esme xxxx

4th December 2019

Hi Everyone, hope you are all okay. Well woooooowwwy its been busy. Emmie had babies at the beginning of October, I have not seen them so please don't ask! What I do know is that since Emmie has had the babies she has started shouting louder then ever!! Seriously, its like some yappy little mutt on repeat constantly going off!!

I will slap her, honest I will!

I heard mommy talking about the Christmas tree, she will never learn, there are 6 babies its going to be like Tarzan times 6 on speed, they will look like a bunch of bell ringers swinging off and on the branches. Bye baubles, bye fairies, bye pine cones, bye ribbons, POOFFF see ya lights, oh dear Bye Bye tree, was lovely knowing you!

Not sure what we are having for Christmas, but if Betsy carries on being a grot she will be having a kick up the butt for Christmas that's what she will be having!!

We better have some turkey this year or there will be a stand off paws at dawn!

Mommy said we have some exciting news to announce soon, of course, I will be announcing it, it is my house after all.

Take care lovely people love Esme xxx

4th October 2019.

Hi everyone.

Hope you are all okay. I keep checking my feet as i am sure they will become webbed soon.

So the humans went away last week, they took Aunty Karen on a surprise break and stayed on a farm. I saw the pictures of the chickens and sheep and was getting ready to call kitty line as i half expected to see a farm trailer attached to the car when they got back.

They went to cheddar and no, they did not bring me any cheese, or clotted cream!

In fact they did not bring us anything back, they leave us for two days and we don't even as much as get a stick of rock! Well someone got their own back, as the same night someone peed in the cat food basket! Yeah take that, meanies!

Betsy has been calling, so she has 666 tattooed on her somewhere, evil so and so.

Emmie is due to have her babies soon and no i will not be allowed to see them! Its not on you know.

Right, i am off to snooze. Take care xxxxx

23rd July 2019

Hi Everyone, oooo la la its hot hot hot.

We have babies in the house, a seal bi- colour a blue colourpoint and two gingers!! (DO NOT TELL MOMMY I SAID THAT, AS I DO NOT WANT THIS FURRY BUTT KICKED!)

No one has been to any shows recently as mommy said the coat conditions are shocking.

We have three rescues in at the moment, one of them does not shut up, i swear to goodness, he sound like i did when i was calling! If i can get out of that catio, i am going to see him and give him a smack!

I have heard them talking about the garden party, why do i never get taken, i could work my magic, chew a few carrier bags, go round shouting at everyone, adults are a bot dense sometimes i feel!.

Mommy has been baking lots of cakes, OH DEAR ME! you should see the state of the kitchen when she does. Chocolate everywhere, icing everywhere, its a welfare issue you know, chocolate is poisonous to cats yet there she is throwing it up the walls, spreading it on the floor. If anyone knows the kitty line number please.

Betsy is still crabby, goodness she needs to sort her hormones out, she does not try it with me as she knows that i will bash her round the face! Please do not let mommy see this! 

Bye for now

Esme xxxx

24th May 2019

Hi everyone!

Long time, no speak. Gosh it has been ages. All is okay here. Moms have just been away for the weekend with the cat family. They went to Cheddar, i believe that is where they make the cheese. They did not bring me any back, not one little speck. Not fair after leaving me for 4 days really.

Now the weather is warmer, we have been out in the catio all day, i like to sit on the scratcher with my legs hanging over!

My darling Lillie was overall neuter at the Tbrcc sow and then last week she was awarded reserve Olympian, best of breed and then overall section 2 best in show. She is so clever.

Betsy is still a grumpy bear. Goodness me she is moody!

Emmie has grown into a very beautiful young lady, however, she has more mouth than i don't know what!!.

We have babies due soon too, i Will get in the bedroom this time, you watch me!

Anyway, better go. Speak soon

Esme xxxx

6th January 2019

Happy New Year everyone!!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. It was normal here, Calling girls, bit of chicken etc. However, we had cat nip toys and a brand new scratcher off Nanna Dawn that is like a skate long!! I think that's what its called, however, I speak cat not french! I cannot wait to see what i have for my birthday, I am 7 in 11 days! Hint Hint!!

We also had a unicorn toy that smelt like smelly feet, but Sonny loved it, he isn't right I don't think!

Gabe went to a show yesterday and was awarded 2 imperial Certificates and 2 best in colour. He is a clever boy.

Mommy goes back to work tomorrow, she has been with us all week.

We went out in the catio this morning, it is so lovely to get fresh air. Mommy was walking round with her coat on saying gosh its cold in here, well excuuuuuuuuse me!! ah ah! different when your hot and turn the heating off! you know how we feel now!! shivering our butts off while your walking round in a vest, yeah take that!

We have all had a nice groom and manicure over the last couple of days, then we all run off and start licking our ruffs! 5 minutes and we look like we have been tied to a pushbike and dragged round the street!

So there is my update. Off to relax on the Skate Long!!

Bye all for now. Esme xxx

22nd December 2018

Hi Everyone, are you all ready for christmas?

Mommy put the tree up, well, i can tell you that Peggy's babies enjoyed stripping it down!. Not content with the baubles, they even took a branch off (fake tree)

It ended up looking like the burnt out one on national Lampoons winter vacation!!

I don't think they have bought us anything for Christmas this year, but do not worry i have kitty line number just in case!

Emmie and Betsy have been calling, its been like call of the seal colony in this house!! Honk Honk miow miow, they could have had a Christmas number one! Well if a song about sausage rolls can get it i am sure song of the seal can!

Mommy has broke up from work now, don't tell her but she wont get dressed now you know it will be pigeon days or whatever you call them, where she wears these fluffy trousers and doesn't even get proper dressed!!

Any way we wish you all a wonderful Christmas, if we do not get any presents, i will let you all know and leave a hat out the front door. Hey that is an idea, we can send Betsy and Emmie busking! Oh i do surprise myself sometimes with my idea.

Take care all xxxxx

10th November 2018

Hi Everyone

Hope everyone is okay and getting used to the cold weather. We have been left every weekend! yes every weekend for the last 4 weeks, its not on you know.

They left us overnight too!!

They went to a place with a pier and its on the sea! its plastic on sea or something like that!

Its the same county where they make the programme where they talk funny and say funny words like well gel or something - bit stupid if you ask me!

Ayvahs babies are all in new homes now and Peggy's babies are 13 weeks.

Its been a bit hectic.

They took one baby to Devon, do you even think they bought some clotted cream back? Not even a mini pot of jam!!

We have not been out in the catio much as its done nothing but rain! Soggy cat coats are not attractive darlings!!

In Peggys babies there is a ginger, i have not told mommy but i think a moggy must have sneeked in when they were not looking as Beau has never had that colour before, mom says its geriatrics or something like that, that predict colours! Well Gracie was a blue and never had ginger, i carry blue and i never did either, so something is amiss somewhere!!

He i a cutie though i have to say.

Right i better go. Take care all

Purrs and prings xxxxxxx

2nd September 2018

Hi Everyone!

Blimey its been busy here in the Karamearags house.

Ayvahs babies are 7 weeks now and devilish whirlwinds!

Peggy our beautiful blue tortie had her babies on the 9th August.

Mommy said they are red series, well......... I would not really be able to confirm if they are r not, as yep you guessed it, i have not been allowed in to see them. I did think about protesting with a little banner outside the bedroom door, however, on reflection, i thought kick and furry butt might be said, so i thought better. It is about time that they realised that I AM the foundation girl in this house and i started the journey, if it were not for me, they would not be where they are. I did think about ringing nanny Dawn and telling her, however, i thought she may say no too and i could not find the phone!

One day i will ring kittyline and i will report them for them for not treating the Esme like the royalty she should be!. Yep i will and we will see how they like those kitty biscuits!!

Mommy said Peggy has babies under the bed and will not let them be put anywhere else, no, not a chance. Serves Mommy right. If i had been allowed in, i could of had a word with Peggy, so as far as i am concerned, it serves her right!

We are glad the weather has cooled down, it was like a foam party with fluff here, the amount we were all shedding, We had a paddling pool bought us, but Jovi peed in it! Little %^&^%

Nanna Dawn came yesterday as she was saving some little rescue kittens. She got to see Peggy's babies, its a downright cheek if you ask me! Okay no one did ask me did they!!

Gabe did a show yesterday and got 2 grands, two best of breeds and best in show pedigree pet, handsome chap he is.

Right now i have had my winge i supposed i better go and have a snooze in the catio,

Bye for now xxxxxxx

24th July 2018

Hi Everyone! Well my my its been a tad warm here! We are loving the catio.

My beautiful Ayvah had 6 babies on the 14th July. All little porkers and doing very well.

Ayvah is eating like a horse!

Little Emmie is calming down a bit, she has long life batteries now instead of permanent!

Mommy bought us a paddling pool to play in, however, Jovi had a wee in it, so mommy took it away. I cannot repeat what i said to him!

Nanny Dawn is visiting at the weekend that will be lovely, more cuddles for meeeeee!

No one has been to any shows as it is far too hot and also Betsy smacked Gabe in the eye, so he could not go to the last one. Mommy told Betsy it was a good job declawing is illegal in the UK! OOps.

I went and got in the tunnel outside ready to whack Betsy as she came passed without being seen!

Bye for now!

Purrs Esme xxx

1st June 2018

Hi Everyone.

Hope you are all okay. We have had horrible storms here recently, they have been so loud and so much rain I thought we all going to be fitted with flippers!

We have been going out in the catio, however, Darcie has been finding every possible escape route! She has spoilt it for everyone. I think Mommy should take her to the local park and leave her there so we can go out and sunbathe, I may just kick her furry butt!

Betsy's little girl Emmie is like the Duracell bunny, only she has never ending batteries!

Boy is she trouble.

I better go as Mommy has to be up at 4am and I am keeping her awake tapping on the laptop!

take care, purrs and prings xxxxx

23rd April 2018

Hello everyone and Helllloooooo sunshine!

We have been out in our new catio, enjoying the sunshine. I cant even repeat the things that were being said when that went up!

Gabe, Dante and Peggy went to a show on Saturday. Gabe was awarded first out of ten in his open and Best in colour out of 13!! Unbelievable, but so very proud here.

Dante enjoyed his day immensely and was awarded a second place.. Peggy also did very well.

Betsys babies are now almost 11 weeks! where did that go?

Bye for now xxxx

20th March 2018

Hi Everyone!

Well we have had snow again!

it has been so cold here, I have taken to hiding under the blanket to block out the white stuff!

Betsy's babies are almost 6 weeks old now, they are beautiful girlies, however, I have only had a glimpse as I am still not allowed in the bedroom, bit rude considering I am their grandma!

Dante has now been registered with GCCF so will be out showing soon, Mommy said we are having our own house, I hope they are not dumping us somewhere as I am sure that is abandonment and classed as fur kiddy neglect!

Sonny went to a show recently, he got reserve Olympian, Best of Breed, Best of variety, overall Best HHP in show and Best of the Best!!

My clever boy.

Big purrs, bye for now!

Esme xxx

13th February 2018

Hi everyone, i am getting really bad at this, i thought i had updated recently.

So, goodness me, news news news.

Firstly my baby girl Betsy had two babies last week, beautiful and very big and she is doing amazing, she takes just after me!

Secondly, we have a new stud boy, he has come all the way from Italy, I was a bit disappointed that he did not come with free pizza! Not even as much as a slice of Garlic Bread!

He is a little darling, very sweet, very bold and eats like a pig!

He had a very long Journey in a car, then a boat, then a car, then another car!

We are looking forward to his future babies.

We have recently had a lot of snow, my goodness,the road near us was closed off, silly people thinking they can drive a tiny car through snow up a hill, even i know that is not possible and i am a CAT!!

I will update soon and hopefully with photo's of Betsy's babies.

Bye for now xx

25th December 2017

Hi Everyone and a Very Merry Christmas!!
I am sorry i have not written for so long, time just flies. Its very quiet here at the moment. No kittens. Betsy (Boo Boo) has been on honey moon so we are waiting to see if she is having little ones. I do hope she is as that will be a good excuse for her being a stroppy mare! She is going to get her butt kicked by me if she is not careful.
Gabe has turned into a very handsome lad, but boy oh boy is he trouble, the poor Christmas tree has really been put through it. Baubles everywhere! He went walking through the hallway dragging the lights the other day! I am not sure how mommy will get his coat sorted for show if he gets electrocuted, although she had some new straighteners for Christmas, so she can always use them!
We have had a new laser toy for Christmas, plus a huge tine of thrive off Aunty Karen and Uncle Nigel. Jovi soon tazzed off with them and took them in the litter tray to help himself. Mommy has hidden them now. We all crowded round the oven this morning as we could smell the turkey, not one tiny piece have we been given. I might just show Jovi where the thrive are hidden as payback!
Mommy is going for a Meerkat experience next year, you watch her come back with one of them!
Anyway that's all from me.
Love hugs and Jingle bells
Esme xxxx

23rd September 2017

HI Everyone, blimey where has the time gone!

All is good here, Ayvah's babies are 10 weeks old tomorrow, where on earth has the last few weeks gone. They are adorable and very chunky babies.

Mommy has a new job, she is really happy, although we loved having her home for a few months.

They should have been going on holiday this week, but cancelled because of us and the little babies, very sweet of them. Personally i am glad as i think they would have come back with a tiger or something!

Gabe from Darcie's litter is stunning, what a gorgeous lad he is growing up to be and he is the double of Beau!

He has done two shows and been awarded 1st out of 2 and Best of Breed in both shows.

Lillie, my little girl has recently been made up to Grand Premier, i am so very proud and my grandson George is now Imperial Grand Premier Karamearags Royale Prince.

We have been spending alot of time in the catio, i think the new one is now in process as mommy has been talking about alarms and bolts! I do hope we are not being tagged!

Take care

Esme xxxxxxxx

26th July 2017

Hello Everyone.

Hope you are all okay. Well Darcies babies are now 14 weeks and my goodness, do we know we have them in the house. Kiwi is a devilish whirlwind. Mommy answered the door yesterday to the man who brings the raw food. He was leaning in the door for a signature thingy and Kiwi legged it to the door, mommy had to slam the door on the poor man, i am sure his nose looked flatter when she re-opened the door!

She is a little devil!

Her brother Ruffles goes to his new home Sunday. Then Kiwi and Fitz go together on the 7th August. I think they are going to live with the queen as Mommy said they are taking them to London. I do not think the Corgi's will be happy!

The house will be quiet when they have gone, but at least we will be able to sleep without kittens flying passed our heads.

Betsy has been on honeymoon, that is all i am allowed to say, if i say too much i will get my fish confiscated!

I will update again soon

love to all

Esme xx

26th June 2017

Hi Everyone, hope you are all glad that the weather is cooler.

Its busy busy here. Babies are now almost ten weeks old. They had their first vaccinations last week. All was well.

Darcie was spayed a couple of weeks ago, it was the same as mine and not the shovel on the head!

We have a catio!! only a small one at the moment just for now. It is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. There is a climbing frame in there and shelves. I love it!

It was funny listening to mommies build it. Mommy Alison got the drill out and started bringing the panels up the garden. Then asked Mommy Wend to help, then the fun began!

I heard mommy wend saying things i cannot possible repeat on the internet as the screws were flying in all directions. Then the roof panel fell off and hit her right on the head. Mommy Alison was bent double laughing her little head off, but mommy Wend was not impressed that Mommy Ali was so amused. I thought at one point that she was going to tell mommy Ali what to do with the catio and i do not think it would have been polite.

I am so glad the weather is cool, few more days of that heat and we would have been finding a barbers for a grade 1 all over!

Mommies were running round with wet towels, ice blocks, cool mats and all sorts.

We had a visit from Auntie Caroline this weekend, she lives all the way up in Newcastle. She is so lovely!! she made a fuss of all of us. One thing though, if she comes again we may need a translator as i could not understand a word she was saying, although mommies had no problem. I think she sounded a bit like Ant N Dec off the tele!

Please do not tell her i said that though, as i will deny everything!

Until next time everyone

love and purrs xxx

28th May 2017

Hello everybody. Hope you are all well?

Now i know i should not moan, however, this weather! I was like the witch in wizard of oz, Melting! Melting! It is absolutely no fun in 30 degree heat with a fur coat, let me tell you!

We have fans on the ceiling in our house as we are very posh!, they did not do much to cool us down though, although its funny watching a couple of the other Ragdolls who i think are a bit thick as their heads were going round and round watching the fans!

Mommy went on a spa day last week for Nanna Dawn's birthday, now i thought it was a relax day, however, i overheard something about plastered in mud in a hot room and then in a big bath with warm bubbles, i don't know about you, but i would not find that relaxing! what if the bubbles got stuck somewhere uncomfortable? Think i will stick to playing with the water fountain and flicking water round the room!

We have a little live pets toy, its mice with tracks and stuff, its really good, however the best part is when i pick the mice up with my paw and throw them down the other end of the room, mommy gets up, puts them back on the track, i pick them up and throw them, mommy puts them back, i tell you, its so entertaining watching her get up and down, best fun i have had in ages!

Babies are doing really well, they sound like elephants running around. The are almost 6 weeks already!!

Betsy is hormonal, when she is calling she walks round bashing everyone, she only did it to me once, yes that's right, stay away from the Esme or get ones furry butt kicked!

Right lovelies i am going to go and find a cool spot.

Take care, purrs and prings.

Esme xxxx

2nd May 2017

Hello everyone!

Sonny attended The British Ragdoll Cat Club Show last week and was awarded his 3rd Olympian cert. I am a very proud mommy!

We have babies in the house, they are 13 days old, i am desperate to get in the bedroom and give them a snuggle and a wash. Mommy Alison is refusing point blank to let me in, saying "no Esme, they are not yours"!

Well i do not care if they are mine or not!, i am the foundation girl in this house, i am the mother hen, if i want to see those babies and make sure all is well, I WILL find a way!!

Betsy is calling again and walking round the house singing to herself, its sweet to start with then very annoying.

I heard mommies on about some reglaton erm reglation, erm, ah regulations! about being licensed, i though only pubs and taxi's had them!! Apparently we would then have to be outside in cat areas, i think if anyone tried to make mommies put us all outside, they would be spayed and it would not be the same as mine, this really would be a spade at the back of the head and hidden under patio!!

I smelt fish cooking earlier, i am going to get my share!

Bye bye love Esme xx

13th March 2017

Hi Everyone!

I cannot believe it has been so long since i posted!

Sonny attended the Maidstone and Medway show in December, his first Olympian class. He was awarded Olympian. Best in Colour. Best of variety and overall Best in Show Household pet. My darling Boy. He went to another in February and was awarded his second Olympian certificate. We are all so proud.

We are all glad the weather is getting better. Especially as we are having a catio on the house for us all, we are so lucky.

Mommies are going on holiday in a few months and we are going to stay with Aunty Georgina. I am not sure where they are going, but i have heard camels and Arabs mentioned!, if they come back with either of those i am putting myself on Gumtree!

Darcie is having babies, she looks like she has swallowed a rugby ball and she has another 5 weeks yet!

We think Ayvah is too but she is giving mommy the runaround, she is also very cranky! She will be getting a slap up her furry butt from me is she carries on.

Mommy said they are going to the AGM? on Sunday to get some rosettes for Sonny. I would like to know where she is putting all these rosettes as we have no more room left!

We were very spoilt for christmas, we had a bed with a ball on that rocked it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, i loved it. Then Darcie peed on it! so it went in the bin. I slapped her round the face when i thought no one was looking, only mommy saw me and sent me to bed!

Betsy is growing up so lovely, apart from she is a spoilt bratt!

Mommy said to me the other day "Esme please control your daughter"!

Erm, you turned her into a spoilt bratt, sort your own mess out, absolutely nothing to do with me!

Anyway, i better go as its dinner time.

Bye all, lots of love Esme xxxxx

14th December 2016

Hello everyone! thought I would write again as I left it so long last time!

Well the tree is up! Betsy has had great fun walloping the decorations!

It's quiet in the house without babies, Ayvah started to have a little sing and then stopped, she must have forgot the words! Not like me when I used to sing, I knew all the words and sang it over and over again!

Apparently we have lots of presents this year, mommy keeps saying its not long till the man in the red suit comes. Do not tell anyone, but...... HE IS NOT REAL!

We do humour mommy as she gets very excited bless her and we don't want to upset her.

Mommy got the hairdryer on Sonny today, well, I do not think I have ever seen a cat run as fast! he swore at mommy and flew down the stairs, mommy was right behind him shouting "come here lardy". Seriously, it was like the Benny Hill show, every day occurrence in this house!

Right I smell dinner. Bye all xxxx

6th December 2016

Hi everyone!! are you all ready for santa? Mommy is getting ready, i heard her say the tree was coming out Friday. Honestly you should see this tree, its bigger than the conifers in the garden, she bought it last year, started putting it up and had to rearrange the whole living room it was that big, humans are silly sometimes!.

All babies are now in their new homes, mommies took one to somewhere with a big pier and a chocolate shop (brighton). Another two to London, i think they were going to see the queen!

Another has gone to live with Bon Bon my baby from my first litter. another in Hertfordshire and another near london, they left us on our own day after day, its pure neglect you know!!

Well since my spay i am now fat, put me in a red suit and you have santa paws! Mommies remind me off it everyday!! come on fatty, move fatty, how absolutely rude!.

My beautiful boy Sonny was made up to imperial a few weeks ago and got Best in Show Pedigree pet, he is so handsome, but then he would not be anything else as he is from me! Baby George has also been made up to grand Premier and Storm a premier, clever babies.

Beau Beau is now a Grand Champion. Mommy has dressed all his pen ready for Christmas, she does try so hard to make him feel involved with everything bless her. He is so grateful you know, as soon as her back is turned, he spends ages admiring every everything and putting is own smell on it, eau da tom spray, isn't he thoughtful!

Sorry it has taken me so long to update you guys.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your fur babies.

lots of purrs and prings. Esme xxxxxxx

7th August 2016

Hi Everyone!

My beautiful babies have now left for new homes. Apart from betsy, who is staying here with us. Lilliemae has gone to live with baby George. Ashworth has gone to Eccleshall and Binx has gone to Stoke to live with Storm.

Lilliemae will be out showing soon.

Darcie had 6 babies in July. Six! my goodness how tiring. I have had a quick peak and they are beautiful.

Its been so hectic here, i have told mommies they need a holiday, however, they have not got the time.

I was spayed in June, i did not get hit by anything, which was my fear! I went to sleep for a little while, woke up with a bald patch!! (not happy). Anyway, i do not sing anymore, personally i did not see a problem. I am now looking lovely as i have put weight on and grown a coat!

Betsy is going to her first show in August, its exciting!

I must go, snooze time. Bye all xxxxxx

13th June 2013

Hi everyone, I had 4 babies on the 21st April. I have two beautiful girls and two handsome boys. They are 7 weeks old now and doing wonderful. I am booked in to be spayed on the 21st June. Mommy said my screaming is "driving her up the wall", silly mommy, she cannot possibly drive up a wall, even I know that and I am a cat!

Seriously, mommy said that I have had three litters now, which is more than enough and I deserve a nice retirement now. I am staying here with my family. One of our babies, Betsy is staying here with us. Not to replace me, as Darlings, that would never happen, totally irreplaceable me!. Mommy has chosen priceless precious diamond names for my babies, so we have: Karamearags Koh I Nor. Karamearags Aurora Butterfly. Karamearags Earth Star and Karamearags Esme's Diamond. Good choices if I do say so myself.

Will update again soon. Take care prings and purrs Esme xxx

12th April 2016

Hi eveyone. Well it looks like spring has sprung, apart from the rain the weather has been lovely.

I am expecting babies! I have 12 days left before the hard work starts again. I do love being a mommy, however, this is my last litter. Mommies have said because i am 4 now and have already had two litters, thats enough now. I will not be leaving here, this is my home for life.

Mommy says i look like i have swallowed a rugby ball, bloomin charming.

Better go now.

Love to all xxxxx

5th March 2016

Hi Everyone. Hope everyone is enjoying this barmy weather, its supposed to be cold isn't it? apart from a little snow its been toasty here.

Babies went to their new homes in January, Ollie went to live with my baby girl Lottie in that Scottish place with a funny name beginning with E!

Apollo lives with another ragdoll called Midas, Mitzi has gone to Nottingham where she will be a show baby and storm lives in Stoke, he is also a show baby. Its really quiet in the house again now.

Show season has started again so Moms are out from really early in the morning until late sometimes.

My boy Sonny has grown into a Beast! 7.2 kilo at 17 months!

Mommy says I will have one more litter and then I will be neutered, that does not sound nice does it. Anyway after that I will not be singing again apparently. How rude, my singing is great.

Bye for now. Esme xxxxx

26th December 2015 

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a lovely day yesterday. We had a lovely day and were spoilt rotten as usual. You should see the Christmas tree we have this year. Its taller than Mommy! Its not far from the ceiling, while she was putting it up i was placing bets with the other raggies on how long it would last! However, the kittens have been good as gold. All the babies are booked now. Ollie is going to live with Lottie in Edinburgh. Apollo is going to Glasgow, Mitzi is going to Nottingham as a show baby and Storm is going to Stoke as a show baby. It will be quiet here. Anyway I smell fish cooking. Have a wonderful holiday season and on behalf of everyone here at Karamearags. Happy New Year!

Esme xxx

19th October 2015

Hi Everyone. We have babies. My beautiful daughter Ayvah gave birth to 4 babies on the 3rd of October. 3 princes and a little princess.

Not much has been happening really. We have a new girl called Darcie, Oh My she is a little monkey. Beautiful but a monkey!.

Will update more soon

Love Esme xx

7th August 2015

Hi Everyone, it is so long since i have posted. Gracie had her babies on the 21st May. They are amazing. One female and two boys. All babies are reserved. I am having a break from Mommy hood for a while and then i will have one more litter before I am spayed, isnt that something they use in the garden. Don't think i will look to good if i get hit with one of those!

Our handsome Beau is doing really well at shows. He needs one more Grand to become Grand Champion. How good is that?

Oooooo before i forget, we are having a new baby come to live with us. She is called Denena Some Kind of Wonderful (Darcie). She will have babies hopefully a bit later on when i have retired. Of course i am staying here, mommies do not let us go when we have retired, as they say we have worked to hard and deserve to stay right here being pampered!.

Right i better go, i smell cooked cod!

Snuggles, Esme xx

29th April 2015

Hi Everyone!

Where has the time gone. Spring already.

My beautiful Gracie is expecting babies in May. Daddy is beautiful Beau. We are all excited to see what she has. She has a right tummy on her! Mommy is panicking about how many she is having.

Ayvah and Sonny attended their show last weekend and had a wonderful day. Proud Mommy here!

I have been outside keeping Beau company, i love being outside.

Will update again soon.

Purrs and prings all

Esme x x x

10th January 2015

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

Well things are finally a bit quieter in the Karamearags house.

Truffles my Seal Colourpoint baby is now living in Watford with a wonderful family.

Beautiful Darcy - Seal Bi Colour girl has gone to live in Ediurgh with a lovely couple and is spoilt rotten.

Ayvah is staying here with us and Sonny has his paws under the table too!

Mommies are off on holiday soon to Ejitt? erm somewhere with pyramids and camels, oh i do hope they dont bring a camel back, i think there is enough pets in the house already and where would it sleep?

A new show year has started and Jovi will now be in Imperial Classes. My clever boy.

Bye for now

Esme x x

15th November 2014

Hi All. Well where do i start. I had 4 amazing babies on the 23rd September. Two boys and Two girls. I have two seal bi colours, a seal colourpoint and a blue colourpoint. They have just been allowed free during the day to run round with the big cats. Gracies babies apart from one are now in their new homes. Jakie is still waiting for that special home to come along. I have been singing again recently, I would like to say everyone liked my song...., however, i think being told to "shut up" means that no one liked it!. I have a few weeks to practise a new one!

Bye for now, hugs and prings x x x

1St October 2014

Hello everyone, this is Gracie. My Furr Mommy is very busy upstairs. She has 4 babies on the 23rd of September. She copied me and had them in the middle of the night, so no one got any sleep!. I am not allowed to say what she had or anything. And i do not want to get into trouble! All i can say is that Mommy is very happy and well and the babies are very noisy!. My little cyclones are now just over 10 weeks. If you look on the kitten page, you will see how beautiful they are!.

Bye for now everyone. Lots of love x x x

2nd September 2014

Hello everyone! I cannot believe its been so long. Well, where to start! Gracie had babies on the 19th July. 5 Beautiful bouncing sweethearts. They are 6 weeks old already. Gracie is a wonderful mommy. Well, i mean why would'nt she be, she has me as her mommy!

Beau has arrived, he came all the way from Cornwall on Sunday. I had a quick glimpse of him, very nice young man i must say. He has to stay upstairs for a week Mommy said, clementine? Quinine, oh, something like that. Quarentine! that's it!

I am desperate to get in the bedroom as thats where i like to eat my buscuits. Oofed out of my own room, the cheek!

Well, I have news. I am going to be a mommy again! Yes i finally decided it was time. My babies are due around the 23rd September. I think Mommies will need hospital treatment by the time this hectic period has ended!

My beautiful Jovi has been awarded two Grand certificats so far. He needs one more! Paws crossed everyone!

Right i better go for my afternoon nap. Take care everyone xxxx

14th July 2014

Hi everyone! Busy busy busy here in the Karamearags house. Gracie is due to have her babies in 5 days!, she is eating for ten i am sure of it!. I am of course not pregnant. I decided to let Gracie have all the glory for a while. The kitten pen is up. Parcels have been arriving, which i am sure are all precautionary things like milk and stuff!. Jovi is sulking as he is not getting all the attention, i mean what a wuss! Man up!

We have more news! in a few weeks time a beautiful blue mitted baby boy will be arriving here at Karamearags. He is very very handsome!

Please see our news page for details!

Take care all off for a snooze xxxxxx

9th June 2014

Hello everyone! I am currently away on honeymoon, but Nanny Dawn has let me sneak on the puter to write to you all. We have news. My baby is having babies!. Gracie is expecting fluff balls around the 19th july. The daddy is really handsome!

Other news, my beautiful Jovi gained his first Grand Certificate at his show on Saturday. First attempt. I just knew the minute they were born last year, that they were superstars and how right i was! Mommies are coming to get me on Thursday and they have been talking about that pinking up again!. Humans are really silly sometimes!


Esme xx

14th April 2014

Hi Everyone! Well.... I am not having babies. I have been singing and singing and singing!! However, I do have some fantastic news! My beautiful baby boy Jovi (Karamearags Blaze of Glory) was awarded Best overall kitten opposite sex and Best seal bi colour Kitten 2013 at the TBRCC agm. He has a lovely trophy and a silver plate! We are all so very proud. Purrs and prings to my Nanny and Grandad Dawn and Glynn for helping Mommy so much for this all to be possible. Gracie has had her first call! She has been putting her bottom in the air for everyone, its rather unladylike if you ask me!

Love to all. Esme xxx

25th March 2014

Hi everybody! Well you know I said we would see if I went away again, well the humans rule and yes I went away! If I am having babies, they will be due on the 1st May. Jovi and Gracie are fine, Jovi is a real hand full, but adorable with it. We actually went into our outdoor pen last week, sun was shining, it was really warm. Looks like it will be a while before we are in there again! Take care everyone xxxxx

1st February 2014

Hi everyone! I cant believe it has been so long since I last posted!

I have recently been singing a new song again, REALLY loud. Mommy says next time I do a concert I am going away again! Hmmm let's see!

My beautiful babies went to our club show in January. Jovi came first again, and Gracie was not having a good day and came 3rd. Freddie came 1st, Teddy 2nd and Bonnie 1st. I am so proud of my babies.

Not much has been going on here. Hope all our lovely friends are okay.

Lots of love xxxxx

24th November 2013

Hi all. Well do I have some news! I am a Champion! Yes me! a Champion. A very nice judge decided I was beautiful enough to carry the title. We travelled all the way to Chester. The babies came a long too! So my official title is Champion Ragshaven Sweet Dreamer!

The babies did The Supreme Show yesterday and did very well, of course there was never any doubt with me being their Mommy!

Well Mommy said it will soon be Christmas and something about a tree. Good luck with that! I am sure Gracie and Jovi will love it!

Take care all x x x

12th September 2013