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Show Success

I have been actively showing for over six years and my cats have done very well on the show bench.

Lillie mai aka Uk Imperial Grand Premier at the Tbrcc AGM 2020

Runner up to Ragdoll of the year

Best overall female

Top Female Ragdoll

Best Overall neuter

Best overall colour point

Best colour point neuter

Best seal colour point neuter

Harry Aka Karamearags Caramel Crunch

Best opposite sex kitten

Best overall cream

Best colour point kitten opposite sex

Best red series kitten

Best red series colour point kitten

Gabe was awarded his 5th Imperial certificate in March 2019 and is now Imperial Grand Master Cat

Gabe attended the Wyvern show on 01/09/2018. He was awarded Grand certificates in both shows. Best in Colour in both shows. Best of variety in the Tonkinese and Best Pedigree pet. Well done beautiful boy.

Karamearags Esme's Diamond Aka LillieMai, lovingly owned and adored by Karen and Nige. Lillie attended the Bristol & Cambria show on 03/06/2018.

Lillie had done very well at the shows and at the age of 2 years, she needed two more Imperial certificates in order to be made up to Imperial Grand Premier.

At the show, she was awarded an Imperial Certificate and a reserve Imperial.

Best of Breed in Both shows.

Best of variety Semi Long Hair Neuter.

Best in Show Semi Long Hair Neuter,

Overall Best in show Cambria.

She then went up against a beautiful British shorthair boy who had won overall at the Bristol Show. Darling Lillie was awarded Best of the best. Congratulations beautiful girl and her mommy and daddy. She is always presented to perfection. So very very proud.

Gabe our beautiful Blue mitted neuter was made up to master cat on the 3rd June 2018

Sonny now needs two more Olympian certificates to be Olympic Bronze Master Cat.

Our darling babies continue to do very well on the show bench. George was awarded his first UK certificate at the supreme and Lillie got her imperial. Mitzi gained her PC and BOB out of the girls.

Our baby All that Jazz has attended 4 shows. He has gained 3 first's two Best of breed and a second. Well done babies.

Sonny attended the TBRCC show in April and was awarded his 3rd Olympian certificate. SO so proud. Congratulations to Frosty, Lillie, George and Bella on your awards. Big congrats to Mitzi on your red card day!

Sonny attended the Coventry and Leicester show in February and was awarded his second Olympian certificate. We are so proud of him. Lilliemae (Karamearags Esmes Diamond) is now a premier. She has done so very well. Well done to all the mommies and daddies.

Sonny attended the Gwynnedd and shropshire show and was awarded 3rd in his olympian class out of 11 and Best in Colour.

Sonny attended the Maidstone & Medway show in December. He was awarded his first Olympian Certificate. Best in colour, best of variety and overall best household pet in show

Beau attended the CRAOV show on the 26th November 2016. He was awarded his Grand Certificate. Best of Breed and Best in Show any colour Mitted Ragdoll. We are so very proud of our boy.

Karamearags Royale Prince also attended the CRAOV show and was awarded his third Grand Certificate, making him a Grand Premier. Karamearags Esmes Diamond also attended and was awarded first place.

Karamearags SweetDreamer aka Bonnie was awarded her Imperial Certificate.

Karamearags Bella gained her second PC.

Binx attended his first show, he did so well bless him and handled it like a star .

Sonny and Beau Attended the Yorkshire and the North of Britain Semi long Hair Shows on the 12th November.

Sonny was awarded two Imperial Certificates and is now Imperial Grand Master Cat!

Beau was awarded his third Grand Challenge Certificate and is now Grand Champion.

Sonny was also Best Pedigree Pet 2016 in The Yorkshire Show.

We are so very proud. Well done beautiful Boys

Sonny attended the Supreme Show in October 2016. He was awarded 2nd in his open out of 4 and Best Of Breed out of 6.

Karamearags Esmes Diamond was awarded 1st and BOB out of 4 and then was given reserve best of variety semi long hair kitten!

Karamearags Storm Chaser was awarded his PC at the supreme and is now a premier.

Karamearags Royale Prince was awarded 2 grand certificates.

Well done babies xxxx

Sonny attended the Somerset and West Country Show on the 10th September. He was awarded the Imperial Certificate in both Shows and did very well in his sides.

Betsy attended her second show. She was awarded first in both shows. Best in colour in both shows and firsts in all her side classes. They both enjoyed their day immensley

Sonny Attended the Eastern and Kensington show on the 9th July. He was awarded his imperial Certificate out of 2 in the Kensington and Reserve Imperial in the Eastern. He was also awarded 5 firsts and one second in his sides. We are extremely proud of our boy

Karamearags Royal Prince attended the Bristol & Cambria show. This was his first attempt in Grand classes. George has done incredibly well on the show bench and has made us and his mommy and daddy very proud. George was awarded Grand premier certificate over 2 maine coons and 2 ragamuffins. He also was awarded Best of breed and came second in two sides out of 11 and 12. We could not be prouder. Thanks you Karen and Nigel for showing him so well

Karamearags Storm Chaser attended his second show at Bristol and Cambria.

He was awarded First and Best of Breed in both shows. First in all side classes and then to top off a wonderful day, he was Best of Variety Semi Longhair Kitten in the Bristol Show. His mommy was thrilled to bits. This meant the world to us, Congratulations baby boy.

Sonny attended the Bristol & Cambria joint show on the 4th June 2016. This was his first attempt in Imperial Class. Our darling boy was awarded Reserve Imperial out of 5.

1st out of 11 Any colour pedigree pet

2nd best groomed out of 5

1st out of 5 most friendly

1st out of 5 most expressive eyes

Sonny attended the Bedford & Cambridge show on the 23rd April 2016. He was awarded Grand in both shows and Best in Colour. Also doing extremely well in his side classes. This is Sonny's 2nd and 3rd Grand certificate, therefore he has now gained the title Grand Master cat at the age of 19 months. Darling Boy we are so proud of you and could not love you any more.

Karamearags Royale Prince (George) attended the Bedford and Cambridge show also and was made up to Premier. He has gained his title in three straight shows aged 11 months. Congratulations to his mommy and daddy Karen and Nigel xx

Sonny attended the Kernow and South West British Shorthair cat show in March 2016. He was awarded one Grand Master Cat and some Reserve, plus a best in colour.

Beau was awarded a reserve Grand and BOB.

Sonny attended the National pet show in November. He was awarded his third master cat certificate. Best of Colour. Best Pedigree Pet and overall Best Household Pet. He is our beautiful superstar.

Darcie attended the Supreme Show in November. Our darling girl was placed first out of seven and Best Of Breed out of nine. She was a little star all day

Darcie attended her first show at Somerset. She was awarded First and Best of Breed

Beau was awarded 2 Grand Challenge Certificates at the Lincoln & Humberside show in July

Sonny attended his third show on 6th June 2015. He was awarded first in his open. Best in Colour and first in all his side classes, including 'Highly Commended' Certificate, for cat with the most expressive eyes.

Beau was made up to Champion at the Bristol Show on 6th June 2015 and was also awarded Best of Breed. Congratulations beautiful Beau.

Our beautiful Sonny's boy attended the London Pet Show on the 10th May 2015. He was awarded First and Best in Colour. He then went on to win Best Pedigree Pet in show.

We cannot even put into words how proud we are.

Jovi gained his first Grand Premier Certificate at the Cambria show on 07/06/2014. This was his first attempt in his grand classes. He was also awarded BOB. He gained his second Grand Certificate at the West Country Cat Club on 02/08/2014. Jovi was awarded his third Grand Premier Certificate and BOB at The Supreme Show 2014. He is now Grand Premier Karamearags Blaze Of Glory. We could not be prouder x x

Jovi was also awarded both of his Grand Premier Certificates and BOB in both shows at the Colourpoint and national Show in Dec 2014

Gracie and Jovi attended their first show in September. Jovi won first in his open class. And Gracie won second. Very proud of our babies.

Craov Show Oct 2013 Jovi 1st and BOB. Gracie 1st

Cheshire Area Show Nov 2013 Jovi 1st, Gracie 2nd

The Supreme Show Nov 2013. Gracie 1st, Jovi 2nd

The National show Dec 2013. Jovi 2nd open. Gracie 2nd open

TBRCC Show Jan 2014. Jovi First open. Gracie 3rd

Cov & Leicester show. Feb 2014 Jovi. First open. BOB. First in all sides

Lancs show. March 2014. Jovi 2nd open.

TRCS show. March 2014. Jovi PC

Bedford show. April 2014. Jovi PC

Bristol & District show. May 2014. Jovi PC & BOB (made up to premier)

Somerset & Cambria June 2014 Grand Cert & BOB

West Country Cat Club Aug 2014 Grand Cert

Supreme show Nov 2014 Grand & BOB ( made up to Grand Premier)

Congratulations Bonnie made up to Premier 26/04/2014. She was made up to Grand November 2015

Congratulations Teddy Bear. PC gained March 2014 Thank you Victoria for showing well.

Carrie has three PC's. Which means she is now a Premier. She gained her first Grand Certificate at Mid Counties show in May 13.

Charity requires one more GPC and she will be Grand Premier.

Esme won all of her kitten shows, plus gained two 'Best of Breeds'. Esme gained her 3rd Challenge Certificate in Nov 2013 and is now Champion.

Ellie is shown in household pets as her mitts are not to the required 'standard of points' for the Ragdoll breed. Her title is Grand Master Cat. She has also gained one Imperial certificate. Ellie decided she no longer liked the shows and was no longer enjoying them. She has therefore now been retired from showing.

Oscar is also shown in Household Pets as the body colour of his coat has shaded almost in line with his points. This also does not meet the 'required standard'. He gained his third Master Cat certificate on 13th July 2013. He is now Master Cat Oscar. He has also won two Best of Breeds.

Sassie has one PC. I then decided to show her in Household Pet where she has achieved three Master Cat certificates. Her title is now Master Cat Sassie.

Karamearags babies enjoyed their first Supreme show on 23/11/13. Gracie gained first place. Jovi 2nd and Bonnie 1st place out of 4 and BOB out of 5. We could not be prouder. Thank you Georgina for showing Bonnie so well xx

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