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Bargain Kittens

So, you have decided you want a Ragdoll Kitten. Where to start?

You see "Ragdoll Kittens For Sale" on the internet, in the local paper, or even on a notice board in the supermarket! All these adverts show pictures of super cute fluffy babies. An advert catches your eye. Ragdoll Kittens £400.00, 8 weeks old, ready now!

Thats a good price isn't it? Especially as you have seen other adverts for £550.00 upwards.

At this price how do you know they are full pedigree, as at this cost you probably will not receive any papers with your new kitten.

The parents of these kittens are probably not registered with GCCF, it is possible too, that the parents were not sold as breeding cats and are in fact on the "NON ACTIVE" register! (They were sold as pet only)

This could mean that they were possibly purchased at pet cost, as opposed to the cost of purchasing a cat for breeding, which will cost anywhere from £750 - £900. That also depends on whether the person selling a breeding cat thinks you are suitable and responsible enough to become a breeder.

It is also more or less guaranteed that your kittens or their parents have not been tested for HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a known gene) or PKD (Polycystic kidney disease).

They probably will not have even seen a vet!

They will not be vaccinated, so they are at risk of picking up any infection going.

They may not be fully weaned or litter trained!

The pictures look lovely, the kittens look healthy. So you decide to go ahead and purchase your kitten.

So, you get your new baby home, delighted that you have got one at such a reasonable price!

What happens, if and when your kitten becomes desperately ill? What if you have to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds at the vet, bringing your new baby back to health.

The worst case scenario, what if you spend all this money and you lose your darling baby? All you will then have to show for your 'Bargain Kitten' is a very large vet bill and a broken heart.

Your darling baby did not turn out to be a bargain really did they!

The Other Alternative

You look online and see a Ragdoll Kitten for sale. Purchase price £450.00. The breeders are registered with a breed club such as TBRCC

Some may also be on the GCCF Registered Breeders Scheme.

Kittens are registered with GCCF.

Parents are tested negative for PKD and HCM.

Certificates will be provided.

Your new baby will have a registration certificate (unless withheld until neutered).

Your baby will be on the Non Active register.

He/she will be fully inoculated, have had two check ups at the vet and will be ready for new homes at 13-14 weeks.

They will be fully weaned and litter trained and will of had flea and worm treatments.

You go and visit the breeders home to see the babies, all the adult cats are happy, healthy fluff balls and the kittens are fluffy little cyclones playing their little hearts out.

You know you are getting a healthy happy baby from someone who puts their absolute all into breeding these pets.

When the time comes to take them home, you can sit back and watch them grow into amazing adults. Surely, you cannot put a price on that?

Backstreet Breeding is wrong. Do NOT encourage them to continue by purchasing a 'Bargain Kitten'!!

When you buy an unregistered kitten, you are not rescuing that baby, your encouraging the breeder to continue. 

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