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Breeding Queens

We only have one litter per year from our girls, they are our babies first and foremost. Each of these girls have given us stunning babies.

We do not rehome our breeding cats. Once retired, they will remain with us as pampered adored fur kids

Magisragis Jewel of Karamearags D.O.B 30/06/2020

Willow is our latest addition, she is a blue bi colour ragdoll and is 100% traditional traceble. Her dad is a lilac boy, therefore she automatically carries chocolate. She is a pure delight, apart from when treats are concerned, then she turns into a demonic vulture!

She is a very fussy girl, who loves her tummy rubs. She isa wonderful addition to our home and has settled perfectly. Thank you Margaret for our precious girl 

Karamearags Ragshaven's Legacy aka Summer

Summer is our little Duracell bunny on speed!

Goodness me, she tries to open doors, jumps walls and will give you a swift nip if you ignore her lol. She is Ayvah and Beaus daughter. Ayvah is now retired, this little lady will hopefully follow in her mommies shoes, If she is half the mommy Ayvah is, we will be truly blessed. Her mommy is the last active cat from the Ragshaven line. We are very lucky to have been trusted with the first active girl from Dawn & Glyn. therefore, we could not think of a better pedigree name for our little pocket rocket.

 Karamearags Myristica Irya aka Poppy. born June 2020.

Poppy is a blue tortie girl, she us a delight, her temperament is outstanding. She has a partial split face in colour, which makes her even more endearing. Poppy may become a momma in 2021.



Karamearags Winter Rose. DOB 08/02/2018

Emmie is a blue mitted carrying chocolate. She is like the Duracell bunny on speed. However, she is an absolute delight. Purr purr purr. She is Betsy's daughter 

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